Look around

Before you go to exchange gold or silver, it is advisable to get a good look at who has the most to give. Especially when it comes to larger amounts of bullion can pay to get a good look around. Generally you get at a pawn shop or jeweler less money than with an online provider. A pawn shop or jeweler has a house payment and that an online merchant, this costs more money so they can offer for your gold or silver.

Emotional Value

This may sound strange, but think carefully about whether you really want gold and silver exchange. It happens often enough that people regret what they have because the chain later redeemed by your great-grandmother appears to have been. Family jewels belong to the family to remain, even when the economy is less. If it is a jewel of your ex then it is to imagine that the sentimental or emotional value has been much less.

Know what you

have Sometimes it is recommended to the gold or silver to be appraised by a jeweler. You will receive a valuation report from which the stated value of the jewelry. The appraised value is never the value you receive when you sell the jewelry or would trade but you will have an idea of what your home and what you can get around to. In case of loss or theft, the insurance paid or otherwise from the value stated on the report.


There are many Internet companies where your gold or silver can be exchanged for cash. Because these Internet companies often have no office or shop where you can drop gold or silver you will need to send. Use only registered and insured mail. Send mail, preferably in a branded envelope. There are companies that send you an envelope but which clearly the name of the company, such as postal applied, it is thus very easy for potential thieves to the contents of the envelope to identify.

The Scale

Weigh before you get your jewelry converted. The balance of the jeweler, pawn shop or internet would sometimes be adjusted in their favor. Weigh your gold or silver itself is always first.