Fun facts

Golden Coin

The most valuable golden coin ever made is the Double Eagle, an American coin from 1933 which costs 20 dollars at that time. Even though that there were 450.000 copies made, there are almost none left because they melted more than a half back in the same year. In 2002 the American auction market Sotheby’s sold one coin for 7.590.000 dollar.


Since the first gold stone was found we were obsessed by gold. The most famous example is het Greek king Midas, he wanted that everything that he touched would be turned into gold if he could make wish, this would be it. So it passed, everything he touched did turn into gold, only it wasn’t what he hoped for, even his meals were turned into yellow solid. He would have starved to death if the gods hadn’t undone his wish.


The weight of gold is 19,3 times more than water. When you have a square lump of 10ml x 10ml x 10ml (=1L) then it weighs more than 1 kg, namely 20kg. In other words: the density of pure gold is 19,3.


100 percent pure gold consists of 24 carat. This kind of gold is so soft that it can get scratches really easily. Therefor are the most rings and other jewelry 18 carat (75 percent) or 14 carat (58,6 percent) gold and for the rest they use other material. This other material can influence the color, white gold, for example, consists of gold en the lighter nickel which causes the whitish color.


The gold price is determined per troy ounce, an international measure of weight equal to 31.1 grams. Right now you pay for a troy ounce about 966 Euro, but the gold price is also on record right now. Less than ten years ago, that value is about $ 300 per ounce. Investing in gold in recent years was actually literal gold trade. 1064.18 When mining gold ore from the ground, it is often mixed with other metals such as iron and copper. To separate the gold and to a desired shape, the metal melted. Gold melts at a temperature of 1064.18 degrees Celsius


The weight of gold that we on this day from the ground to get out. That seems a lot but if we could melt it all together, you get a cube of “only” 20.4 by 20.4 by 20.4 meters.


Gold and silver are at the point became worth more than the amount that was on the coins. Therefore we now use less expensive metals such as copper and nickel.