Coin weights

Troy weight standards 24 Grains = 1 Pennyweight 480 Grains = 1 Ounce 31.103 Grams = 1 Ounce Uniform weights 15.432 Grains = 1 Gram 0.0648 Gram = 1 Grain Avoirdupois standards 27-11/32 Grains = 11 Dram 437-1/2 Grains = 1 Ounce 28.350 Grams = 1 Ounce  

Bullion value

The simplest method for determing the bullion value of a precious metal coin is to multiply the actual precious metal weight by the current spot price for that metal. Using the example on this page, a silver coin with a .6822 actual silver weight (ASW) would have an intrinsic value of $9.55 when the spot [...]

Precious metal weights

The ASW and AGW figures were determined by multiplying the gross weight of a given coin by its known or tested fineness and converting the resulting gram or grain weight to troy ounces, rounded to the nearest ten-thousandth of an ounce. A silver coin with a 24.25 gram weight and .875 fineness for example, would [...]